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There were seven catogories of awards you can apply for~
To apply, your site or homepages must:~ !!
@ Not have/had nude or adult or racial,chauvinist contents.
@ Make people always remembers to visit it often.
@ Very easy to browse through the site.

This Awards sample, had been reduced in size from the original one~~~>

Timan Golden Award For Beautiful Site of The Week

This award will be give to the most beautiful site of the week

Timan Award for Beautiful Site of The Day

This award for beautiful site of the day

Elegance & Beautiful

If your sites are very elegance and beautiful try apply for this award....

Inovative Award

If the making of your site had change your life and attitude and bring new life to you, this award was for you....

Certified Award Sites

Were your site also given award to other site?...If yes,apply for this award.

Kids Best Site

This award for the site that content kids and children stuff.

Award of Excellence

This award for the site that content funny,weird and insane stuff.

Submit your site by fill up the form down here. After that,you go to my home menu and sign my guestbook to acknowledge me of your site or homepage. Remember to put your URL . I will acknowledge you later on after view your site or homepage by e-mail.!!

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Cool Planet
This Cool Planet site
is run by timan.

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The Awards Ring
This Awards Ring site
is owned by Timan.

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