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~~Malaysia Exortica Food III~~

Try my delicious collection of Malaysian Exortica Food III.
I sure you will like it after you try this recepe.


Ingredients :~
Pastry ~
100g plain flour
50g margarine
A pinch of salt
Cold water for mixing

Filling ~
200g small prawns, shelled and chopped
4 red chillies )
4 dry chillies )
10 shallots )
2 buah keras ) pound together
1 stalk serai )
1cm lengkuas )
0.5cm kunyit )
1cm2 belacan )
1 tablespoon assam and 2 tablespoon water,
blended and squeezed to retain assam juice
oil for frying
2 limau purut(lemon) leaves
1 tablespoon thick coconut milk
sugar to taste

Make pastry as for curry puffs. Roll out fairly thin and lay over boat-shaped moulds. Bake a 200 celcius until done.

Note : Pastry sampans can be baked in advance and stored in air-tight containers.

Filling ~
Head about 2 tablespoon of oil, fry pounded ingredients till fragrant. Add in limau purut leaf, assam juice, coconut milk and sugar. Finally add in the prawns. Sambal should be fairly dry.

To serve, fil sampans with sambal.