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~ Apam Berkuah ~

Ingredients :~
720 g freshly ground rice paste
300 g glutinous rice paste
450 g coconut water
1 grated coconut - to extract 150 g coconut milk.
1/4 teaspoons salt; 1 teaspoon baking powder mix with a little water.

Method :~
Boil 60 g rice paste with 150 g water and stir thoroughly until cooked. Mix remaining rice paste and glutinous rice paste with coconut water,salt, the cooked rice paste mixture and stir till smooth. Leave it for 1 1/2 hours to leaven. Mix coconut milk with leaven mixture. Add baking powder. Heat a small saucepan and grease it. Pour in 1 tablespoon mixture and heat over slow flame till small holes begin to appear. Cover saucepan till apam is cooked. Serve with durian or banana syrup.

To make Durian / Bananas syrup :~

Ingredients :~

( A )
180 g Melaka Sugar
180 g Sugar
1 grated coconut + 450 g water
- to extract coconut milk
30 g plain flour + 75 g water
- mix well

( B )
120 g durian or rajah banana
1/8 teaspoons salt
few pieces pandan leaves - tied in a bundle

Method :~
Boil ( A ) with pandan leaves till sugar dissolves. Sieve liquid and add in ( B ). Let it boil awhile. Serves with apam.